Career Work Study

This summer we are offering an amazing opportunity to students completing their junior year in Academic Year 2017-2018.  During Career Work Study you will learn more about careers that require a college degree and earn a stipend of $500 for the summer.  You will take field trips to career related job sites, engage with exciting guest speakers, learn about interviewing, cover letters, and resumes, in addition to many other marketable job skills.  

To submit your application you will download the two files linked below, and follow the directions contained in each file.  You application will consist of submitting a cover letter and resume.  email completed documents to  The subject line should read "Career Work Study Application for First Last Name - Your County".  In the subject line, First Last Name should be your first and last name.  All documents must be submitted on or before 4:30 pm EDT - April 20, 2018.  If you have any questions about submitting your application, please contact your UB Counselor or email us at or call us at 606 783-2611.
After your information has been submitted, you will be notified if you have been selected to be interviewed for Career Work Study.  All interviews will be conducted in person at the May Return Trip on May 5, 2018 at Morehead State University.  This is the only date available for interviews.

If selected, Career Work Study will take two (2) elective class time slots during Summer 2018.  You must complete the summer program to earn your Career Work Study Stipend.  A check will be distributed approximately four (4) weeks after the summer program concludes.

* Career Work Study is only available to juniors at the following counties: Carter (East & West), Elliott, Fleming, Johnson (Classic UB only), Lawrence (Classic UB only), Mason, Magoffin, Menifee, Morgan, and Rowan.  During the summer of 2019 this opportunity will be available to all juniors.

Matthew Hyden,
Feb 26, 2018, 1:02 PM