Counseling Coordinator Interview Information

Greetings Counseling Coordinator Candidates!

We’ve put this page together to give you more information about the Upward Bound Programs at Morehead State University, and a better understanding of the job for which you are applying.

History of Upward Bound

Upward Bound is designed to generate the academic skills and motivation necessary for successful completion of high school and enrollment and success in postsecondary education.  Upward Bound & Upward Bound Math & Science are federal grant programs funded under the US Department of Education.

Upward Bound began in 1965, and has been hosted at Morehead State University since 1966.  We have two Upward Bound Classic programs and one Upward Bound Math & Science program.  We currently serve 221 students.  Next year, when our new grant cycles start, we will be funded to serve approximately 250 students. 

In Upward Bound there are two major components to the job: the academic year and the Summer Academy. 

Academic Year

During the Academic year Upward Bound Staff, including the Counseling Coordinators visit target high schools to provide support to current students, recruit new students, and to meet with high school personnel (usually the guidance counselors).  Students are given updates about Upward Bound, the ACT, preparation for college, and a lesson that could include any academic subject, financial literacy or academic planning/advising. Counseling Coordinators are also responsible for creating program newsletters each month.

One Saturday each month during the academic year students come to campus for a Return Trip.  We begin each day with a group meeting so students know everything that is scheduled for the day.  Return Trips are designed to assist in preparing our students to go to college.  We offer peer tutoring to students that are not making appropriate progress in their high school courses.  Freshmen & sophomores take classes to help them with core content (math, reading & grammar). Juniors take classes to help prepare them for the ACT, and seniors take a college prep class. Typically we hire a number of instructors to help teach these subjects, but Upward Bound Staff fill in where appropriate, and also supervise the activities of the day.

During the spring semester we conduct home visits on all new students.  This involves travelling with one additional UB Staff member and visiting the student’s parents in their home.  During home visits we share information about the program with parents, and answer any questions the parents have.

Also during the spring semester we begin preparing for the Summer Academy.  This includes monthly summer planning meetings, and various impromptu meeting between staff to properly prepare for the Summer Academy.  We also have to hire all of our summer residence hall staff.  This includes creating application materials & publicizing the jobs that are available, 1-2 weeks of interviews, a group interview of initially successful applicants, and completion of the hiring process through the University. 

Summer Academy

The Counseling Coordinators supervise the residential component of the Summer Academy.  This involves the training and supervision of approximately 20 Student Advisors and 4 Summer Supervisors.  This also includes planning and implementation of Tribe Night, activity night, 

evening events & activities, and supervision of the summer program while on shift.  Work during the Summer Academy is varied but intense.  The hours range from 7:30 am – 11:30 pm for durations of at least 8 hours, but workdays are often much longer.  It is not unusual to have 12-16 hour days during the summer. 

Students are in class for 6.5 hours almost every day during the Summer Academy.  The Associate Directors supervise the summer instructors, but Counseling Coordinators who are on shift during class times will often be asked to help with instructor needs as well.

The students participate in the Summer Program for 6 weeks.  This includes one week that is non-residential, 4 weeks that are residential, and one week on the end of summer trip.  This summer we will spend 3-4 days in Washington, DC.  This trip is mandatory for all UB Staff.  UB Staff will have to supervise the charter buses we use while on this trip. 

After Summer

After the Summer Academy is concluded the Counseling Coordinators help compile evaluation material, and final paperwork.  There is a lot of information to be processed after the summer program concludes.   

Counseling Coordinators also have a few after summer responsibilities that include a video or slideshow to use for recruiting purposes. The after summer projects also help students reminisce about the fun they had during the past summer, and it also provides a way to document all the different activities that students participated in during the summer. 

Then the cycle starts over again with the Academic Year Component.