Joining UB?

So UB has piqued your interest? Great!  To apply, you'll need to print the following documents (located below): UB Application, Teacher Recommendation Forms (2 copies) & the Guidance Counselor Recommendation Form.

After printing these you and your parent(s)/guardian(s) will complete the UB Application.  When you are finished, please submit it to your guidance counselor at your high school along with the guidance counselor recommendation form.  Take the two teacher recommendations and give them to your two favorite teachers.  Ask them to submit the recommendation to your guidance counselor when it is finished. When the UB counselor who visits your school is there next, he or she will call you out of class to interview you about your desire to join UB and to attend college!

If you still need more information or would like something you can print, you can see the Recruiting Brochure attached below!  You, or your parents/guardians, are also welcome to call our office (numbers listed below)!

Although the Upward Bound Programs accept applications throughout the year, we have a limited number of vacancies in the programs.  Please submit your applications as early as possible!
 Complete Application
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