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2018 Bridge Requirements

  •   You must have completed your entire junior summer with Upward Bound.
  •   Provide proof that you can access your KHEAA Student Account
  •   Maintain a 2.5 or higher GPA throughout your senior year for each grading period.
  •   Submit proof of your final high school GPA
  •   Submit most updated ACT scores [APRIL 15]
  •   Achieve admission index of 500 (GPA X 100 + ACT X 10= Admission Index)
  •   Complete, online, the 2017/2018 and 2018/2019 FAFSA [OCTOBER 14]
  •   Complete application for admission to two (2) colleges/universities.  [DECEMBER]
  •   Complete MSU application [NOVEMBER]
  •   Provide a proof of admission to post-secondary education for the fall. [MARCH]
  •   Complete a minimum of five (5) scholarship applications and provide copies for documentation. [JANUARY]
  •   Complete the financial aid verification process through KHEAA Verify online if selected. [MARCH 30]
  • Submit completed summer forms prior to the deadline. [APRIL 7]
  •   You cannot miss more than 2 required Return Trips
  •   Complete any additional requirements as provided by UB staff.