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Chris Prichard: About Me

Contact Info:
Phone: 606 783-5198
        800 5-UPWARD
Fax: 606 783-9114

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Skype - chris.prichard1

Hello! My name is Chris Prichard and I am the Academic Advisor/Bridge Program Coordinator for the Upward Bound Programs at Morehead State University.  I worked for UB for the first time in the summer of 2007 as a Tutor Counselor and instantly fell in love with the program’s students and staff.  While I have worked with teens in many other aspects such as substitute teaching, peer advising and various volunteer projects, I have yet to find anything that compares to working with Upward Bound.  I currently work as an Upward Bound Program Assistant.  During the summers I supervise the Bridge Program.  During the Academic Year I work with Seniors at Return Trips, and I visit Lawrence County High School, and East Carter & West Carter High Schools.

I was born in Middletown, Ohio, but I grew up here in Kentucky in Menifee County. After high school, I took up residence in Morehead, KY and have lived there for the past 5 years.  While many people seem to quickly grow tired of Morehead, I seem to only love it more as time goes by.  I hope to be here for a long time.
Educational Background
I graduated from Menifee County high school in 2003 where there were only 73 people in our graduating class.  In December of 2008, after five long years, I graduated with a B.A. in English and Secondary Education. 
Hobbies and such…
When I’m not involved with something related to Upward Bound or one of my classes, I really do enjoy doing other things (contrary to some of my students’ belief)!  I love visiting with friends and going out to eat.  I love food in general and have been known to cook a pretty decent meal from time to time (this doesn’t happen too often though, since I hate to wash dishes).

I also love music!  I have been singing since I was nine years old and am the song leader and choir director at my church.  I have an appreciation for all different kinds of music but have never been able to make myself fully appreciate rap music no matter how hard I try.

I love to travel!  I don’t care where I’m travelling as long as I get to go along for the trip!  Some of my favorite trips that I’ve been on include vacations to Alaska, England and Ireland.
What I Do With Upward Bound
As Bridge Supervisor I work specifically with the seniors in our program. During the academic year I help prepare them for the upcoming “Bridge” summer when they will take college courses at MSU.  During the summer, I oversee the “Bridge” tutor counselors and all bridge students along with planning and implementing all things associated with the Bridge program. Aside from taking care of all things “Bridge” I also attend school visits with the Counseling Coordinators and Associate Directors during the Academic Year and help plan for monthly Return Trips and the classic portion of the summer program.
What I Enjoy Most About UB
I tell people on a regular basis that I have the best job in the world.  The Upward Bound staff and students are like a second family to me and are most definitely what make UB so enjoyable.  It is such an incredible blessing to get to work with such amazing people!  The staff at Upward Bound are truly passionate about what they do and the students are among the best in the world.