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Esther McClain: About Me

Contact Info:
Phone: 606 783-9300
        800 5-UPWARD
Fax: 606 783-9114

Hi!   My name is Esther McClain.  I am the TRIO Program Specialist for the Upward Bound East and the Upward Bound Math & Science programs; I have held this position since 1999! Since, about the only time Upward Bound students see me is when I distribute stipend, I have been given the nickname, “the money lady”.

I am very interested in the medical field and religion is my favorite topic of conversation. My son and I enjoy watching science fiction and comedy. Autumn is my favorite season, and over the years I have taken more pictures of fall foliage than anything else!  Winter is my second favorite season and I have quite a collection of pictures of that season as well! I love everything about nature and what it has to offer, except the creepy crawly things! I do love babies too!

I was born and raised right here in Morehead, KY – and I’m still here!  I have seven sisters, five brothers and one son.  I graduated from Rowan County Senior High School (go Vikings!) and received an Associate’s degree from Morehead State University in Business Office Systems with an emphasis in the medical field.

My duties at the Upward Bound office are extremely varied, rewarding and enjoyable. There are only a couple of things that I would promote and lend my support to; the Upward Bound program is one of those things. I believe in the program and am fully convinced that if students will take advantage of the services it offers, it would make a great impact on their lives. I have seen this to be true! It’s great to see the students’ excitement about their classes, trips and friends that are part of the Upward Bound program. Excitement is nothing if it is not contagious and I have seen the positive affect it has on the students. It is especially evident when new ones come into the program full of trepidation and the veteran students rally around those new ones and make them feel welcome and part of the happy, organized chaos that is known as Upward Bound!