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Matthew Hyden: About Me

Contact Info:
Cell: 859 904-9336
Phone: 606 783-5191
        800 5-UPWARD
Fax: 606 783-9114

Social Media:
Facebook - MB Hyden 
Skype - matthyden

I really enjoy being a part of Upward Bound (UB) here at Morehead State. I've been a part of UB for a long time; I first joined UB in the summer of 2000 as a Tutor Counselor. I've held many roles here throughout the years, and I currently work as a Counseling Coordinator. I have two degrees from MSU a BA & MA in English.

During the academic year I serve Fleming County High School, Mason County High School & Rowan County High School. 

One of my major interests here at UB is inspiring students to learn more about technology so that they'll be better prepared for higher education and a workforce more oriented towards technology.    

I have a lot of interests. These includes teaching, computers, writing, graphic design, web design, video production, audio production, game design, outdoor activities, travel, camping, hiking, and lots of other fun stuff!

I'm also very involved in the TRiO Community.  I currently serve as KAEOPP President, and various other roles in SAEOPP and KAEOPP. I have previously served as both SAEOPP Secretary & Treasurer.  If you're a TRiO Professional and you want to get involved, let me know! If you want to learn more about KAEOPP or SAEOPP, please click on the link of each respective organization previously mentioned.

If you'd like to add me to any chat client listed to the left please do so! I love to hear from students throughout the day. If you have questions about tutoring, UB events, getting ready for college or anything else just ask!